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5 Interesting Facts about Alaska Sealife

Have you ever had any experience fishing in the wilderness? If not, you have missed a lot of fun and fishing experience. When you want to experience the feeling of fishing in nature, you should visit Sitka in southwest Alaska. Below are some interesting facts about Alaska Sealife that are worth your time.

Alaska is the Home to King Salmon Fish Species

If you love salmon fish species, you probably know the king salmon. King salmon are the best fish species for sport fishing because of their large size, epic fight when caught, and good taste. They are the largest species found in the Pacific ocean, and in one Alaska fishing expedition, they seized one fish with a record weight of 97.25 pounds.

In addition to the fun of catching the king salmon fish, they are also healthy fish species to consume. They are exceptionally delicious and rich in healthy proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids. When you plan to go for a summer vacation, you should try Sitka fishing; you may get a chance to catch and consume this healthy fish species.

Abundance of Planktons in Alaska’s Water Bodies

Waters in Alaska, especially in Southeast Alaska, are always at a constant temperature of 45 degrees. This moderate temperature allows more deep-seated nutrients from deep oceans to rise to the surface than those in warmer tropics. The high concentration of nutrients will enable planktons to flourish, hence supporting all iconic marine animals.

Clear Waters Serves as the Best Destination for Whale Watching

Whales are deep-sea animals and are not easily seen near the shores. However, in Sitka, Alaska, whales are seen near the coasts because of the biodiversity found in the waters. Summer is the best time to go for whale watching, but these sea mammals can be viewed any time of the year.

You have a chance to see and learn about different whale species while in Alaska. Moreover, migratory whales are known to return to the same pool in Sitka, and local people and captains have learned their pattern, and they can direct you to the best sites and time to see them.

Presence of Fresh and Salt Water Fish

Sitka is a good fishing destination for people who love freshwater or saltwater fish. There are different fish species found in Sitka that are anadromous. The anadromous fish species are fish species that spend some part of their time in the salt seawater and migrate upriver to spawn or lay eggs in freshwater.

When you go for Alaska fishing, you have a chance to catch seawater fish species or freshwater species. There are different rivers found in the Tongass National Forest, and you can access these places either by boat or floatplanes. In addition, you may get a chance to be involved in freshwater wade fishing trips that include catching and releasing fish back to the river.

Winter Fishing

There are different places where fishing is interrupted once the winter season starts. However, this is not the case when it comes to Alaska fishing. Once you are brave enough to face the winter cold, there is a good chance you will walk home with your catch of the day. During winters, you have an excellent opportunity to catch trout grayling, and trout species in the lakes and the rivers. Contact Action Alaska Sportshfishing for your next Sitka fishing trip!