5 Salmon Main Dishes To Prepare For Fall

Even though we’re approaching fall, Alaska salmon fishing is still going on in Sitka. In addition to salmon, you might also catch halibut and rockfish. When visiting us in the fall, our biggest recommendation is to pack warm, as days on the water can get chilly. Once you have caught your fish, now comes the question of how to prepare it. 

Why not cook your fish with the flavors of the season?

When you think about fall’s flavors, what image does it conjure? 

Most people probably think about apples and pumpkins, but the season has so much more to offer. In this article, we will share a few fall-inspired ingredients to include in your salmon main dishes. For people who live in colder climates, make sure your meal is heavier to warm you on those chilly nights. 


The sweet and tart taste of cranberry will complement any savory dish, including flavorful salmon. Most people pull out the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner, but why not enjoy a homemade recipe to go on top of a deliciously broiled salmon you caught from the depths of Sitka’s ocean? 

There are many versions of cranberry sauce that you can prepare, but we favor the homemade recipes you can whip up in a cinch, even on a weeknight when you’ve just come home from work. 


This is one ingredient that takes a backseat during the fall season but shouldn’t. In some parts of the country, maple trees in full bloom mark the beginning of the chillier months. So, why not start incorporating it into your meals? 

We like pairing a maple glaze with salmon, as it is delicious and incredibly simple to prepare. When you use natural maple syrup for your glaze, you also create a healthy dish that you and your family will enjoy. We recommend pouring it over fresh salmon fillets. There are so many maple glazed salmon recipes and most of them don’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare.


If the maple glaze recipe has inspired you to make other simple, nutritious glazes to go with salmon, then we recommend an Asian ginger marinade. Together, this glaze and the salmon are fortified with antioxidants, vitamin A, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. We recommend baked salmon, but before heading to the oven, make sure to soak the salmon in the ginger marinade, so it soaks up all the vibrant flavors of the Asian recipe. 

What side will you prepare to complement this meal? 

A ginger glazed salmon over a bed of white rice sounds good to us! 


Pears can be harvested between August and October, making it the perfect seasonal fruit to add to just about any meal. Pear is an extremely versatile fruit, and it works well with several different spices, including cinnamon and star anise. It can also complement both sweet and savory dishes – even salmon. The next time you’re trying to figure out how to cook your recently caught fresh salmon, we recommend caramelizing a few pears with butter and sugar, then place a generous serving over pan-fried salmon fillets. If you have your reservations, just try this recipe before you knock it. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Nobody ever said this list would only include fruits! 

While fall flavors typically conjure up images of pumpkins, apples, pears, and other seasonal produce, we can’t forget about bourbon. This complex flavor goes well with almost anything. Entrees, desserts, and beverages alike. So, next time you want to bring excitement to your kitchen, add some bourbon. 

Make your bourbon marinade ahead of time, giving the ingredients enough time to mingle and get properly acquainted (do this with all your glazes), then throw it on a hot pan along with your salmon and cook until done. This will go well with some greens, like broccoli or asparagus, and white rice. 

There are so many fall flavors to enjoy this season, so don’t limit yourself to the usuals. After spending hours on the waters, Alaska fishing, waiting for the perfect catch, it’s only appropriate to cook it to perfection. Trust us when we say these fall flavors will do the trick. 

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