Alaska King Salmon Fishing

5 Tips For King Salmon Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is known for king salmon fishing and being surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It’s the ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts around the world, especially those looking to land King Salmon and Halibut. 


When you go with Action Alaska’s king salmon charter, you get the ultimate fishing experience. Everything from a boat ride to the best fishing areas to the guidance of expert fisherman Captain Cody Loomis. 


All of this and more when you reserve your spot on our Alaska fishing charter.


To learn more about the fishing charter and five tips for fishing for king salmon in Alaska, keep reading! 


Use Brightly Colored Bait

King salmon is one of the most prized fish to catch. Many people who dedicate a lot of time to fishing have the king salmon at the top of their bucket list. However, you can not find this fish anywhere except here, which is why many people come to Sitka, Alaska.


But, to do that, you need to know a little more about how to get your hands on these fish. If there’s one way to attract king salmon, it’s with brightly colored bait. We suggest using fishing bait that is bright pink or bright orange. If you are looking for types of fishing bait, try out salmon roe or a herring. When you book a charter with us, you don’t have to worry too much about bringing your own bait, as we provide it for you. But if you want to build up your tackle box for your next trip, brightly colored bait is a great place to start!

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch It Up

Many people who have been fishing for years find their ideal technique and stick with it. 


Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? 


Well, not exactly. 


When you go fishing for king salmon, you might need to change up your technique from time to time. Don’t be afraid to ask Captain Cody Loomis for guidance. He has been fishing in Sitka, Alaska, for his whole life and can let you know a few of the techniques he uses to lure in the king salmon.

Keep Your Hook Under the Water

We know how tempting it is to pull up the hook and throw it back in, but patience wins the king salmon race. You want to keep the hook underwater for as long as you can. It might take some time, but king salmon bite lightly so you’ll have to give them time. 


By keeping the hook underwater will prevent you from missing out on the light bite and yanking the lineup too soon. You also want to try and avoid playing around with the line. Keeping it steady will pay off in the long run.

Consider Wearing Rubber Gloves

It might sound silly, but wearing rubber gloves can go a long way. When you wear rubber gloves while fishing, you avoid putting any trace of human scent on the fishing equipment. When everything smells like a human, fish can detect it and become deterred. Wearing the gloves or not wearing the gloves does not always mean you will or will not catch Alaskan king salmon. But, it can help, and it’s worth a try, especially if it will help you catch some fish!


Remember to Have Fun

Despite all of the tips, one thing you need to remember is to have fun! King salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While you can come back year after year, the first time is truly something special. 


Here at Action Alaska, we do everything we can to make your trip as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Everything from providing lodging and flight assistance on our website to having a blog dedicated to informing you on fishing for king salmon and everything in between. 

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