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7 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Fishing Trip to Alaska

Fishing trips are one of the most relaxing trips. From driving to setting up a spot to laying on a boat to grilling the fish, none of the steps require too much effort. All the steps can also be converted into a fun activity when accompanied by the right people. 

Fishing in Alaska is known to be enjoyable due to the vast coastline and the variety of fish available. The fishing trips in Alaska aren’t one-day trips either. Most people plan fishing in Alaska for two to three days at least. Whether you want to go fishing with friends or with family, Alaska can be the perfect spot. No matter the company, following these seven steps are sure to make the fishing trip a memorable one: 

Choose a Fish

Alaskan waters contain several species of fish. These different fishes have different favorite spots in the water. 

This is the most essential step as fishing trips are designed around the fish one wants to catch. The choice of fish can depend on one’s fishing skills or the nature of the trip they’re planning. If you want to compete with your fishing buddies, you may choose big and heavy fishes to catch. On the other hand, if the trip is a relaxing family trip to introduce kids to fishing, one would prefer small fish swimming in shallow waters.

Therefore, the first factor you need to consider in deciding what fish you want to catch. Once you have selected the answer to this question, other steps will become easier to follow.

Wait for the Best Weather

It’s essential to wait for the right weather to visit your desired destination. It will not just make the trip more enjoyable but will also make it safe. You don’t want to go on a fishing trip only to stay stuck inside a cabin. Road trips and boat rides can also become dangerous if a trip is planned for rough weather. 

Get a Fishing License 

It can take up to two months for some people to receive their fishing license from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. You need to plan the fishing trip according to the window of your license. Your license will also determine if you need to apply for any other special permits. If you plan to fish at more than one spot, you may need more than one license for it.  

When getting the license, it’s also essential to understand and remember all the rules to follow while fishing in Alaska

Get the Right Supplies and Gear

The supplies you will need to get will depend on the fish you want to fish. Get all the supplies and then some extra. Beyond being over-prepared is better than being under-prepared on a secluded fishing spot. 

You will also need to get the appropriate gear for the weather. Depending on the warmth or cold, you will need jackets, tracks, boots, gloves or mitts, sunglasses, etc. Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear if you wish to take a dip in the cold water afterward. If there’s a chance of wind, keeping a small tent or wind proofer will also help keep your supplies safe. 

Similarly, if you wish to take fish home, get ice boxes, pairing knives, and storage bags accordingly.

Plan the Menu

While you are getting the right equipment for fishing and preparing the caught fish, don’t forget to plan a menu for the journey. If you plan to grill the fish on the spot, you will need other ingredients such as breadcrumbs, lemons, tartar sauce, etc. You will also need to prepare some emergency food if the weather changes last minute and you’re unable to catch any fish. Beverages and snacks for the rest of the trip are also vital.

Get a Place to Stay

Unless it’s a fishing competition between experienced grownups, we don’t recommend sleeping in sleeping bags in Alaskan weather. Booking a cabin a little away from the chosen fishing spot will allow you to rest comfortably on the trip.

It will also allow you to dump extra stuff in the cabin and travel with only the fishing spot’s necessities. In case of weather emergencies, the cabin will provide a safe waiting area where you can relax. Booking a cabin in a city or a touristy place will also let you explore local bars and cafes and shop for souvenirs. 

Book a Fishing Guide

Booking a fishing guide can be beneficial in several ways. Hiring a fishing guide can turn the trip into an excellent learning experience. They can teach fishing basics or advanced techniques depending on the group’s experience. They can also show the proper methods to bone different types of fish. Several services also include salmon fishing charter in Alaska, sightseeing options such as whale watching, and other short-range and long-range fishing packages. 


Finally, don’t plan a trip in a rush. Alaska has lots of different fishes and much more to offer. Add other activities to the trip to make it more enjoyable for everyone in the group. And don’t forget to take a picture of the biggest catch!