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Best Lures And Techniques For Alaska Salmon Fishing

There are five types of salmon you can catch while Alaska salmon fishing, so you should vary your lure and technique depending on which type you want to catch. As you may already know, the five types are king, sockeye, coho, chum, and pink salmon. Depending on what time of year you visit, you have the potential to catch all five species of Pacific salmon during your Alaska charter in Sitka (in one outing!), so we’ll discuss the best techniques and baits to bring along to guarantee success. 

Types Of Lures For Alaska Salmon Fishing

If you ever thought it was difficult catching salmon, you may not have been using the right lures. The following lures are professionally recommended for a successful outing when you book your trip with Action Alaska

Spoon Lures

Supposedly one of the most effective lures for catching salmon, the spoon lure is oblong and concave, hence the name, and typically made of reflective or painted metal. The design and movement are meant to mimic small fish that salmon, particularly coho and chinook, typically catch in the wild. If you haven’t tried a spoon lure yet, there’s no better time to try one out than during your Alaska salmon fishing adventure. Many people who do a lot of fishing prefer and trust spoon lures to attract salmon.

Spinner Lures

Also called spinnerbait, a spinner lure has one or multiple reflective metal blades, which spins as you reel it in. Once again, this shape and movement is supposed to copy small fish. The spinners create vibrations in the water, which attract the attention of nearby salmon. There are many different designs, but don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options. Just make sure to buy blue and black spinner lures, because they show up best in deep water. If they glow, that’s even better.

Solid Wobbling Plugs

When Alaska salmon fishing if you’re looking for plugs as bait, you have the option of choosing solid or wobbling plugs. The solid plug is a very stiff lure with decorative hooks and reflective paint. You guessed it: this design is supposed to mimic small fish of prey. Wobbling plugs are made of two divided pieces that are connected by a hinge. When you reel them in, they flick back and forth to catch the attention of nearby salmon. Both are effective lures for salmon fishing, but some fishers find more success with wobbling plugs than solid ones.

Best Lure Colors

Just like the type of lure, choosing the right lure color is an important decision. Colors will vary depending on what depths you’re fishing in. For example:

  • Up to 50 feet: all colors work well, as they’re easily spotted by salmon in these depths.
  • Below 50 feet: greens, purples, and blues are more visible in these depths, as are ultraviolet and glowing lures.

In Sitka, you will easily experience depths as low as 700 feet, due to its location on the outer coast of the Alaska Panhandle. So, don’t forget to take location into consideration when selecting your lure colors.

Salmon Fishing Techniques

As you may already know, the technique you apply will also help to produce successful results. Your fishing technique should vary depending on the type of fish you’re out for. When it comes to salmon, two effective techniques are trolling and mooching.

Although both are effective, some people find they catch salmon more consistently when trolling. This technique covers a lot of ground, and the lines can be adjusted to reach the deepest levels. In fact, most king and coho salmon you find in your local grocery store were caught by trolling.

Mooching is an effective strategy that requires minimal tackle while covering the vertical water column is a must. With this technique, you may also catch halibut and rockfish in addition to salmon.

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