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Best Months to Go Alaska Salmon Fishing in Sitka

If you’re traveling to Alaska and want the experience of a lifetime, contact Action Alaska Sportfishing. We offer a guided saltwater fishing tour with a personal touch in Sitka, Alaska. If you have never visited Sitka before, you’ve picked a great destination for Alaska salmon fishing

The waters are abundant with baitfish, which attract large schools of salmon during the summer months. You’ll see many species of salmon, including a couple of favorites, King and Silver salmon. 

We’ll share the best time to visit, what to expect during your outing, and why Sitka is a wonderful Alaskan destination. 

Best Months To Visit Sitka for Fishing

The best months to visit Sitka for Alaska salmon fishing is May – September. The fishing season typically starts around the middle of May, when fishers are rewarded with five species of salmon. During May and June, you will likely see the following in abundance:

  • King salmon
  • Halibut
  • Rockfish
  • Lingcod
  • Black cod

Coming in June or July? Good decision. July is considered the best month for fishing in Sitka, Alaska because the waters are packed with hungry fish. If you ever want to catch all five species of salmon in one outing, July is your month for Alaska salmon fishing

Many people like visiting in August, because this is the month when silver salmon are frenzy fishing, so you’ll be able to catch more silver salmon and every catch is huge.

August and the beginning of September are still good months to set sail on our Alaska salmon fishing charter, but you may see fewer King salmon. Fortunately, there will be a plethora of Silver salmon available.

Although May – September are the best months, you’ll be spoiled year-round in Sitka. We target salmon and halibut on every full-day fishing trip. There are also many occasions when people catch incidental species, such as rockfish and lingcod. When conditions are right, we may even catch black cod, particularly in May.

What To Expect

If you are interested in a very personalized sportfishing experience, contact Action Alaska Sportfishing. We are a small charter operation (owned by a husband and wife) with one boat that we’ve equipped with the best fishing equipment around. 

Most of our customers are repeats because they know we enforce high standards in the sportfishing industry.

When you visit us for Alaska salmon fishing, here’s what to expect:

  • All Bait Gear and Tackle
  • Lunch, Snacks, Soft Drinks, and Water
  • Onboard Processing to Your Specifications (vacuum packing and freezing available at an additional charge)
  • Rain Gear

There are many shoreside accommodations to lodge in during your stay in Sitka, Alaska. Call Cody Loomis, the owner of Action Alaska Sporting for personal recommendations. Just let him know what type of lodgings you’re interested in and he can make the necessary arrangements. If you want luxurious accommodations to equal your fun, outdoor adventures, he can also arrange for private chefs to prepare meals in your rental, massages, exclusive dinners at private lodges and much more.    

Why Sitka, Alaska? 

Whether you’re interested in rugged outdoor activities, leisurely nature hikes, or spending a day at the museum, there is so much to do in Sitka, Alaska. We hope that when you visit, you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. Although we specialize in saltwater fishing tours, we can vouch that there is plenty to see and do. When you’re taking a break from Alaska salmon fishing, here are a few activities we recommend doing in Sitka:

  • Go on an ATV tour to experience Sitka’s remote wilderness setting.
  • Rent out our boat, Kimshan, for a private day of fishing.
  • Go on a full day or half day flying excursion.
  • Rent a kayak and get up-close and personal with Sitka’s bays and inlets.
  • Go whale watching, although you may see or hear humpback whales while fishing with us.

Why Action Alaska Sporting? 

You’ll have a great experience Alaska salmon fishing aboard the Kimshan, which was designed by Cody to be superior in experience and effectiveness. Cody, your captain during your adventure, has over 30 years of experience fishing in Alaska – commercially and sport fishing. If you have never been on an Alaska salmon fishing charter, you’re in great hands. Book now or call Action Alaska Sporting at (907)202-8923.