Check Out Alaska: One of the Best Places for Fishing!

Sportsfishing is very popular in Alaskan waters, but there are some regulations to follow. Learn about the rules governing Alaskan sportsfishing!

Discover the Sportsfishing Alaskan Rules and Regulations

Many people love going fishing in AK because of the plentiful amount of fish available and the incredible experiences you can have there. You can bring the whole family for a fun family adventure! You can be sure that you will have a fantastic time on the water.

Fishing License

Before you head out to go fishing, you should buy your fishing license. Most Alaskan outdoor stores sell them, or you can purchase one through the Alaska Fish and Game Department online. For residents of the state, the license will cost you $29. For non-Alaskan fishers, the cost will depend on the number of times you plan to fish in Alaskan waters. If you are planning on only fishing for one or two days, the single-day pass is for you, at $25 per day. However, if you decide to take many fishing trips, you should go for the yearly pass at $145 for a non-resident.

Rules According to Fish Type

There are specific rules regarding the fish you can find and keep. Some have total annual limits, and others have length limitations.


Halibut is very common throughout the summer season, from May through September. The main rule is the length requirement. To keep a Halibut, it must be either 38” or smaller, or 80” or larger. Halibut fish within the 39” to 79” range must be thrown back. You can catch and keep only one Halibut per day, and there is no annual limit for this fish.

Chinook (King) Salmon

For a non-resident, the limits are one King Salmon per person per day. The annual limit is three before July 1st, and then it drops to two between July 1st and July 7th. The limit drops again to only one King Salmon per person after July 7th. After August 1st, any King Salmon caught by a non-resident must be thrown back unharmed.

Silver Coho Salmon

This type of Salmon is more common than King Salmon, with a daily limit of six per person and no annual limit. You can find this type of Salmon at the end of June, beginning of July, until around the middle of September. The average size of the fish is around 6 to 10 pounds. However, they gain weight throughout the season to become approximately 12 to 15 pounds, and it’s even possible to find the Hooknose at 20 pounds!

These fish are the most sought after species, but there are other fish in these waters. Additionally, there are also other regional regulations to look into. Sportfishing is an excellent pastime for many AK natives and visitors. Regardless of where you live, you will have an outstanding experience fishing in Alaska!