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Choosing The Right Fishing Charter For Halibut Fishing In Alaska

From the darkest depths of the ocean in the Pacific Northwest lurks a monster. It eats and sleeps near the ocean floor about 300 feet below the deck of the Kimshan. It is massive and strong. Fully grown, this beast can weigh up to 500 pounds. 


And talk about massive? 


This beast is usually at least 5 feet wide and up to 8 feet long! There is a reason why the Alaskan halibut is commonly referred to as a Barn Door Halibut. 


Action Alaska Sportfishing will get you to the right spot in the right tide giving you the perfect opportunity to catch this fish! Halibut fishing should be an adventure, a worry-free adventure. Our fishing charter services eliminate all the hassle and headaches associated with fishing on your own.  


We offer a halibut fishing experience that will have you coming back to Sitka season after season.

Halibut Fishing Season and Regulations.

Halibut fishing season for Sitka, AK runs from Mid-March through Mid-November. Booking a fishing charter can be tough if you wait until the last minute, so it is best to give yourself plenty of time. While there is no annual limit, you are limited to one halibut per day. It also has to be less than 50” or over 72”. A 50” halibut will weigh up to about 60 pounds. Which isn’t too shabby if you plan to fill your freezer! If you are lucky enough to land a “Barn Door” over 6 feet long, you are looking at at least 150 pounds. 


Try to fit that guy in the overhead compartment on your flight home!

Why Choose Sitka, AK For your Fishing Charter Adventure?

If you are looking for the ultimate challenge in saltwater sportfishing then the Alaskan halibut is your prize! Halibut fishing and Sitka, AK go hand in hand. Capt. Cody knows these waters and with his experience, you are bound to have the best time of your life! Halibut fishing lasts all day long in Sitka. 


Our mild currents and perfect tidal range are optimal to lure these beasts up to your hook. If you go further North, you’ll be dealing with 30-foot tides. The currents up there are so strong that the scent from your bait will be almost ineffective. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get a few hours in before having to head back to shore. Onboard the Kishman, you’ll be able to fish all day for a chance to land a monster.


The seabed off of Sitka is also why halibut love it here. It is awash with the perfect menu for these giant fish. Octopus, crab, and rockfish are everywhere off the coast of Sitka and are the staple diet of Halibut. 


What To Expect From An Action Alaska Fishing Charter.

Captain Cody has been a saltwater fishing guide for almost 25 years. He knows every nook and cranny of the waters off Sitka and will guide you to the perfect halibut fishing spot. You’ll come aboard his vessel, the Kishman, and be treated to the ultimate fishing charter experience. Over 90% of his clients are repeat customers. This is a pretty good indication he is one of the best in the business.


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We’ll provide you everything you need for your halibut fishing adventure. We offer the best in tackle, gear, and bait as well as the rain gear you’ll want. Lunch is on us as well as snacks and beverages, so you don’t have to worry about that either. 


We’re sure you’ll want to bring some of your catch back home. What could be better than telling your friends about the one that got away while feeding them the one that didn’t! We provide custom onboard processing as well as vacuum packing and freezing so you can take your catch home and prepare it with your own recipe! 


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