COVID-19 Safety Measures to Observe When Sportfishing

COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Sportfishing in Alaska

Fishing is a great way to enjoy nature, relax, and escape everyday life. But it also comes with risks. The coronavirus has spread throughout the United States and around the globe. In some places, fishing is banned or restricted. And even where it isn’t, you need to consider taking extra precautions, so if you own a care make sure to park at secure place like Read on to learn about COVID-19 safety procedures for sportfishing in Alaska.

1. Wear a Face Mask

Anglers who take their families on boating excursions should assume that they will have to wear masks at all times while out on the water. If you don’t choose to wear a mask, make sure to maintain good COVID-19 social distancing outdoors.

2. Wipe Down Your Boat

Before every outing, clean your boat thoroughly, including the seats, steering wheel, helm, hull, decks, rigging, engine controls, and cabin area. Keep wet towels or cleaning supplies handy, just in case you need them. You should also always inspect boats for any maintenance issues before departure.

3. COVID-19 Social Distancing

It’s important to remember that if someone shows signs of COVID-19, they could unknowingly infect others on your trip. So, it’s best to stay six feet apart from other people at all times. Of course, this isn’t practical everywhere. However, if you notice something concerning about the person you’re spending time with, stay clear until you can resolve it. Remember that the virus spreads through direct contact with fluids coming into the mouth and nose via coughing or sneezing. It doesn’t matter how healthy someone appears; they could be carrying the disease. So, observe COVID-19 social distancing precautionary measures.

4. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Keeping your hands well washed, just as you would at home, is the easiest way to prevent getting sick from the virus while on your trip. This includes using soap and hot water whenever possible. The CDC recommends rubbing your hands together vigorously for 20 seconds, then rinsing them under tap water. Be sure to wash your hands after shaking anyone else’s hand — even those that appear healthy. Better yet, bump fists or elbows to greet others instead.

5. Avoid Public Transportation

While most public transportation systems have made arrangements to ensure the safety of passengers during the pandemic, you might want to avoid traveling by bus or van during these trying times. It can be difficult to navigate busy parking lots and pick-up lines when everyone wants to keep their distance. Instead, take advantage of Lyft, Uber, taxis, or the train system. These options provide more space between riders.


The best thing you can do to prevent catching the coronavirus when sportfishing in Alaska is to remain calm and follow the guidelines above. While we hope that the worst will be over soon, until it is, it’s important to continue being responsible wherever you are.