halibut on the line being pulled out of water

Enjoy the Luxuries of Nature with the Thrill of Alaska Salmon Fishing

When it comes to fishing charters in Alaska, you want to make sure you find a captain who knows where to find the fish you want to catch! Here at Action Alaska, Captain Cody is no stranger to catching the best fish Alaska has to offer. Whether you’re looking for prize-worthy King Salmon or Halibut, we’ve got you covered. 


Located in Sitka, AK our Alaska Salmon Fishing Charters are among the best and many of our clients are repeat customers who consider Captain Cody’s charter to be one of the best they’ve ever experienced! Keep reading to learn more.

King Salmon

It’s no secret that Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful species in the world. Here in Sitka, we’re no strangers to the infamous King Salmon and Captain Cody knows exactly where to find them. If fresh salmon is something you’re looking to get your hands on, then a Salmon Fishing Charter with Action Alaska Sportsfishing is the charter for you. Not only are you guaranteed to catch a few nice-sized King Salmon, but Captain Cody and his wife Marlie can even help you process and package the fish to take with you.



Here in Alaska, we aren’t just known for our King Salmon, we are also home to the Halibut fish. Whether you’ve had the luxury of catching one of these fish before, or if you’re looking to catch your first Halibut, Captain Cody can help. Members of the Flounder family, Halibut varies in weight and length but you can rest assured knowing that you’ll catch some of the largest you’ll see right here on a fishing charter (https://actionalaska.com/fishing/) with Action Alaska Sportsfishing. 


A King Salmon Fishing Charter Experience You Won’t Forget

When you book a full-day Alaska Salmon Fishing trip, we’ll provide everything you need to catch fish and enjoy the day. Action Alaska Sportfishing includes the bait you’ll need to catch fish and all of the necessary fishing equipment. Guests will have a supply of luxury fishing rods and reels at their disposal so there will be no need to worry about equipment or equipment issues. 


We’ll also provide lunch, snacks, soft drinks, and water onboard so you don’t have to worry about being too hungry while you’re out fishing.


We also offer expert fish processing and vacuum packaging based on your specifications and needs. This gives you the ability to take your catch with you and cook it the way you want it!


Your Vessel for a Day of Thrill

When you book with us, you will join Captain  Cody on the “Kimshan.” 

A 1972 Bertram 35 that has been completely upgraded to bring you the best experience possible. The Kimshan has been expertly designed and rebuilt to bring you a fishing experience like none other. With a back deck that spans 16 by 13 feet, this beauty can fit up to 6 anglers comfortably so you never have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes or getting your lines crossed. 


The Kimshan is able to comfortably cruise at 23 knots with top speeds just over 30 knots, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time out on the water in Alaska.

Contact Action Alaska and Book Your Fishing Charter Today!

If you are looking for a personalized sportfishing experience in Alaska, you don’t need to look any further. 

We have a high number of repeat customers who continue to book trips year after year because of our commitment to the highest standards available in the sportfishing industry. Call Action Alaska Sportfishing at (907) 312-1486 to begin setting up your king salmon fishing charter today, or contact us here to get started.