Q: How do I get to Sitka?
A: Alaska Airlines and Delta offer daily flights to and from Seattle.

Q: What do I get to catch?
A: We target salmon and halibut on every full day fishing trip.  We often catch incidental species such as rockfish and ling cod while fishing for salmon and halibut.  We can also target Black Cod if conditions are right.

Q: What happens to my fish?
A: After your fish is caught, we take pictures, bleed your catch for optimum freshness, and ice it in the boats insulated hold.  Once back at the dock it is filleted, cut to your specifications, vacuum packed and flash frozen where it is held until you leave Sitka.  It is boxed and banded and delivered to you at the airport 2 hours before your flight leaves.

Q:  How much can I catch?
A:  Daily bag and annual possession limits apply to what we can catch.  The King Salmon limits are set every year based on abundance.  The bag limit changes from year to year.  Halibut catch limits also change year to year based on abundance.  Call us and ask for this years catch limits.

Q: I’m heading very far away and have to travel overnight to get home, will my fish stay frozen?
A: Insulated liners are available at a small extra fee to those that are traveling long distances or to very warm climates to get home.  If you must overnight in Seattle on the way home, the Seattle airport has a freezer storage facility where you can store your fish boxes and checked baggage for a fee per bag.  Most hotels also have freezer space in the Seattle area, be sure to check ahead for availability and space.

Q: Do you provide rain gear?
A:  Rain gear is available for you to use onboard the boat

Q:  What type of fishing gear do you use?
A:  We use Avet and Acccurate reels.  Seeker and G Loomis rods, Gamakatsu and Mustad hooks, and whatever else we can get fish to bite on!!

Q:  What kind of boat do you have?
A:  We have a 35 foot Bertram that has been highly modified.  It is a custom built full walk around deep v planing boat that was stripped down all the way to the bare hull and rebuilt in exactly the way we needed it to be the best charter fishing platform in the Pacific Northwest.  It has twin inboard diesel engines for reliability.  The boat also has dry exhaust that exits the boat 15 feet above the waterline so you will never smell diesel exhaust.  It has a very warm, bright, and comfortable cabin that seats 6 comfortably.  There is a very large V-Birth where relaxed anglers can take a nap in between fishing spots.  It also has a comfortable on deck fully enclosed sit down head with shower.

Q:  What kind of clothes should I bring?
A:  Southeast Alaskan weather is highly unpredictable and it changes rapidly.  Plan on bringing layered clothing that is loose fitting to accommodate multiple layers.  Gloves and a hat are highly recommended if you tend to get chilly or are traveling from a warm climate.  Make sure to bring a pair of waterproof shoes or boots.  Make sure to also bring personal items such as chap stick, sunglasses, sun screen, etc.  Anything you forget can be obtained in Sitka.