Sitka King Salmon Fishing

Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Go King Salmon Fishing

It’s no secret that Sitka, Alaska, is the place to go king salmon fishing. From the crystal clear water to the outdoors culture, Alaska is one of those fishing trips everyone who loves fishing needs to take at least once. If there’s one thing the state is known for, it’s the wildlife, and more specifically salmon. 

But, before you book a trip and a fishing charter, you probably want to learn more about Alaska and the king salmon charter experience. Here at Action Alaska, we’ve got you covered. Everything you want to know and should know before you fish for king salmon is included in this guide.


Where Can You Fish For King Salmon?

There are many places you can fish for king salmon in Alaska. But, when you come to Sitka, Alaska, you get the charter experience. Alaska is known for its wildlife and fishing destinations, but a charter experience is like nothing else. With the help of our fishing charter, you can expertly navigate fishing for king salmon. Whether it’s your first time or not, Captain Cody Loomis at Action Alaska can help you catch king salmon like a pro.


Going on a fishing charter also gives you the added benefit of having bait, gear, and tackle on board. You don’t need to stress about bringing all of the fishing supplies or running out of bait. 


Once you reel in the king salmon you think is a keeper, we also offer vacuum packaging and freezing. If you are staying at a local lodge, you can bring your catch back with you and prepare it using one of your favorite recipes. 


The only thing you need to cover is your flight to Alaska, shoreside accommodations, and the fishing licenses.


What Should You Bring to the Fishing Charter?

If you think a fishing charter in Alaska may be the best decision for you, the first thing and arguably most crucial thing to bring is your Alaska King Salmon fishing license. Even if you have a fishing license in your state or another state, you still need a separate one for Alaska. We recommend ensuring you get this from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game before doing anything else. Without the fishing license, you will be unable to fish for salmon. Next, we recommend booking local lodging. The closer you are to the charter in Sitka, the better. It will lessen your commute and keep you close by. Last but not least, we recommend bringing anything else you want to enjoy the day, such as a camera, any medications you may need, chargers.


What Fishing Charter Options Are There?

Whether your party is small or large, our charter, the Kimshan, can accommodate you. Here at Action Alaska, we offer options for individuals or groups. If you are coming to Alaska by yourself or with one or two others, you might choose to purchase individual tickets. 


On the other hand, if you are visiting Alaska with a large group, you might decide to rent out the entire charter. Whichever option is best for you, we can speak more with you about it on the phone or via email. Our goal is to make sure your group is comfortable while on your king salmon fishing charter. 


Additionally, we specialize in multi-day fishing trips. If you know you will be in Sitka for a few days or a week, let us know. We can help you plan out your fishing charters and adventures at Action Alaska.

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