King Salmon Fishing

How to Catch More when King Salmon Fishing to Get the Best Results

Alaska is known for its king salmon, with it being the official state fish since 1962. It attracts large numbers of tourists and fisherman that are seeking out the big catch. The industry accounts for 11% of the jobs created in the state, and tourism increases during the summer when the salmon are swimming upriver. 

Catching the king salmon requires knowing what to do to be the most effective, as they are elusive and swim at the deepest parts of the river. There are select approaches that you can use to generate the best results when you are king salmon fishing. They make the experience more enjoyable and productive in capturing these fish in their natural habitats. 

The Technique

King salmon is difficult to catch, it is in the middle of the river, and it is hard to be directly overhead to cast your rod into the water effectively. Those fishing along the bank (called anglers) have specific techniques they use when king salmon fishing. The best time to catch them is at low tides, where there is less deep water and the fish are more vulnerable. 

Spinning and casting are used by baiting the hook with salmon roe or herring and putting the bait about 24 inches over it. You want the bait to go with the flow of the current to attract the king salmon. Typically, two hooks are used with the bait going onto the first hook, and it is about the size of a ping pong ball. 

The second hook is at the bottom and empty, with you casting it to the left in the 10 o’clock position. You let it drift through the water towards the two o’clock position and repeat the technique over. King salmon are known for being light bitters, watch the fly, and see if it stops. When this happens, it means that you may have caught something and should hold on. 

Preventing Your Scent from Reaching the King Salmon

Alaska fishing a challenging sport; with the fish having a keen sense of smell and knowing what to avoid when something is not right. King salmon are known to have an acute sense of smell from being born in one habitat, swimming away from it, and returning as an adult. 

Their noses guide them out of survival, and it protects them against predators by their sense of smell. There are those items you should carry with you that decrease your scent and improve your ability to catch salmon.

  • Towels

Alaska fishing in the summer means that you will sweat from sitting out in the sun and casting your rod into the water. You want to bring with you several sets of clean towels to wipe off the sweat and set them aside. The idea is to eliminate your body odor the king salmon smells, and sweat is a significant contributor. 

  • Rubber Gloves

Anyone experienced when it comes to king salmon fishing uses rubber gloves to keep their body order from getting on to their gear. You don’t want something too thin, such as latex white or clear gloves that can fall apart when you are out fishing. The best approach is to buy gloves that are made of nitrile. 

It does not react with the skin when you are sweating like latex, but it is strong enough not to tear when you are fishing. You should carry several pairs of them with you when you are going out. Start using another set if there is a tear anywhere to prevent smells from going onto your gear. 

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