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How to Prepare for Your First King Salmon Fishing Charter

Going on a fishing charter is on many people’s bucket list, especially when they learn about the king salmon fishing charter trips in Alaska! Not only does Alaska have plenty of gorgeous views and an abundance of fishing to do, but it’s home to the king salmon and halibut, which means you’re in for a good time!


Whether you are a first-timer or if you have been on a fishing charter multiple times before, it’s always good to have a guide to help you prepare for the big day. From what you should bring to how you should prepare, the team here at Action Alaska Sportfishing has you covered.  Though we provide everything you’ll need to have an amazing trip, there are a few things you can do to help you prepare for our fishing charter in Sitka, AK. 


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Get a Fishing License and a King Salmon Stamp

First things first, you are going to need a fishing license for your King Salmon Fishing Charter. The Alaska fishing charter provides you with most of what you need, but a fishing license needs to be obtained beforehand. Even if you are on the fence about fishing, we recommend getting the fishing license anyway. 


The last thing you want to do is aboard the charter and regret not doing so. To get a fishing license, click here ( When it comes to fishing for the king salmon, you will want to get a king salmon stamp along with the license. You are only allowed to fish for king salmon when you have one of these stamps, so make it a priority to get one. It may seem like a lot, but it’s the law here in Alaska and it’s definitely worth it!


Make a List of What You Need to Pack

Making a list of what to pack is one of the best ways to remember everything. You might even find that some more things come to mind as you create your packing list. Some examples of items you may want to bring are sunscreen, a camera, binoculars, a fishing hat, towels, and anything else you like to have while out fishing. Keep in mind that Action Alaska provides bait, gear, lunch and snacks, water, and some rain gear so we’ve got you covered there. Be sure to bring any medications you may need including meds for seasickness. The Kimshan is no stranger to deep waters and we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while we’re out on the water.


Dress for the Weather

The Alaska weather changes as the seasons change and we recommend researching the weather as soon as your schedule your trip to Alaska and your fishing charter. You want to make sure you are comfortable for the duration of the charter and that starts with the clothes you wear.


One tip we live by is dressing in layers. Sometimes the morning starts chillier but warms up and vice versa. If you pack layers to wear, you can maintain comfort throughout the entire fishing charter, removing layers as the temperature increases and increasing them as it drops. We all know that Alaska is cold, so being out on the water takes the cold up a notch and we want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible to handle it!


Book Lodging Sooner Rather Than Later

Before you travel to most places, you book everything from your flight to the hotel. And an Alaska fishing charter is no different. You’re going to want to make sure you pick a place to stay that will accommodate you and your family.  We offer processing and vacuum packaging on our King Salmon Fishing Charter so finding a place with a full kitchen may not be a bad idea. This way you can cook your catch and enjoy it the same day.  


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Fishing trips are always a great way to relax and unwind. But, sometimes you want to try something new or fish for something different. One way to do that is through an Alaska fishing charter. Whether you live in Alaska or are looking to travel, Action Alaska Sportfishing has the experience of a lifetime. Our king salmon fishing charter comes with a great fishing experience and some of the best views that Sitka, Alaska, has to offer. While we recommend preparing by following this guide, we can always answer any additional questions you may have. Reach out to us at (907) 917-5956 to get in contact with us today.