It’s Time For Salmon Fishing In Sitka Alaska!

Alaska is known for its giant salmon and exhilarating fishing experiences. It’s also versatile. There are plenty of streams, lakes, and ocean coasts to choose from. In fact, Alaska has more coastline than any other state in the country. In addition to salmon, Herring is another popular fish in Alaska, but salmon is truly king in Alaskan waters. The best time for salmon fishing in Alaska is May through September, and different breeds of salmon appear during the various months.


Why Fish for Salmon?

Even commercial fisherman wait until mid May or June to begin their fishing season. It’s predicted that over 161 million salmon will travel through Alaskan waters this year, making it the highest harvest since 2010. There’s plenty of fish to go around.


The summertime is a great time for fish for salmon because it’s when they return to freshwater areas to spawn. This doesn’t just mean salmon fishing is limited to streams and lakes either. It’s possible to catch plenty of salmon on the coastlines as they make their way inland too.


Alaska is one of the best places to fish for salmon because there are various species of salmon that travel inland all throughout the summer. While most areas have only one or two months for prime fishing, Alaska’s prime season lasts into September.


The Different Types of Salmon

Whether you visit Alaska in the middle of May or the end of September, there will be salmon to catch in the waters. King Salmon is the first to arrive to Alaskan waters, first appearing in mid-May and staying until July. Silver Salmon first appear in July and last until September. Aim to digital Red Salmon spawn from mid-June to mid-August. Pink Salmons first shows up in Alaskan waters in the middle of July and stay until the middle of August. Chum Salmon may be small, but you’ll be able to catch them from the middle of July to the middle of August as well.


Each species of salmon prefers a different temperature and water level. This is what makes the summer fishing season so variable. Each type of fish likes different temperatures due to slight changes in egg development. This makes the specific times that the salmon begin to show up different each year, but one thing is for certain: there’s nothing like catching huge salmon in Alaska.


Start Your Journey Now

It’s not too late to start your Alaskan fishing trip. The salmon stick around until August or September, and there’s plenty of fish to go around. It might be best to seek professional help for knowing when and where to fish for the highest chances of success. Action Alaska Sportfishing is one of the most popular options for both tourists and locals for a reason. They run an ocean water fishing service, and have the knowledge required to help you catch your dream fish.


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