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Move Over, Turkey! Here are 5 Fish Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is celebrated across the U.S. with delicious sides of stuffing and cranberries, pumpkin pie for dessert and, of course, turkey as the main meal. 

But what if you have a few guests who are not fans of turkey? 

Should you relegate them to the bread rolls and sides? 

Why not prepare a delicious salmon dish for them instead? 

At Action Alaska Sportfishing, we know a lot when it comes to salmon, not just the best Sitka salmon fishing spots (although you can guarantee we know this, too, so don’t hesitate to book your next fishing charter adventure with us). We also know how to prep a savory meal for fish lovers that is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. So, move over turkey. These five dishes are sure to be keepers.

Salmon Topped with Cranberry Sauce

You can make just about anything festive as long as you top it with cranberry. You and your family can enjoy a homemade cranberry sauce, which is simple to prepare and far superior to sauce straight from the can. Most recipes simply have you incorporate spices that pair well with cranberry. Once you have your sauce prepped, enjoy it with broiled salmon, making sure it’s not overly tender. Not only is this delicious, but it is also quick and easy to prepare.

Rosemary Flavored Salmon

Rosemary is not a fall flavor (it’s around every season), but it has an autumnal taste and smell (overall feel) that makes pairing it with salmon a perfect choice for Thanksgiving dinner. If you don’t have a recipe for rosemary salmon filet, heavy on the rosemary, we highly recommend searching for one this year. If you are someone who enjoys a drizzle of glaze over your filet, then try any number of balsamic glazes with this dish.

Baked Cod with Turkey Stuffing

Salmon is not the only fish you will experience on our Alaska fishing charter boat. Depending on what month you arrive, you will find cod in large supply, too. If you enjoyed the taste of fresh-caught codfish, then incorporate it into your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t know how? Make extra stuffing or use what is leftover from your turkey for stuffed cod. Some people enjoy this wrapped in bacon. Others enjoy it prepared as is and complemented with lemons and roasted potatoes on a platter.

Halibut and Cranberry Chutney

There are so many ways to turn halibut into a festive meal, but we highly recommend it baked with cranberry chutney on top. It is likely that you already have cans upon cans of cranberry sauce, so add a few extra ingredients to make a chutney you are sure to remember. This will guarantee a tasty and, perhaps more importantly, extremely easy dish. If you have never enjoyed Alaskan halibut with cranberry before, there is no better time than on Thanksgiving.

Roasted Halibut with Seasonal Flavors

Another festive option using halibut is to roast it with a few festive flavors, like olives, rosemary, and lemons. While these are not festive, per se, and are more reminiscent of a popular Southern Italian dish, it will be so delicious, none of your guests will question its inclusion to your dinner table.

As you can see, we can offer a lot more than Sitka salmon fishing adventures at affordable prices. We hope you will discover a fish recipe that satisfies even the pickiest eaters. When you are ready to get out on the water and experience an adventure of a lifetime, contact Action Alaska Sportfishing

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