The season for Alaska salmon fishing may be over, but it’s still a good idea to brush up on useful facts for next year. This is especially true if you are just starting out. Many individuals enjoy eating fresh-caught salmon. Enjoying your salmon this way gives you more nutrition and better flavor.  The downside is if you’re new to fishing, catching salmon isn’t exactly a walk in the park. However, with a few professional tips, you’ll be able to catch them as if you’ve been doing it for years.

Choose the Best Lure

The first thing you want is the right lure for the fish you’re trying to catch. Using live bait is one of the easiest ways to catch salmon, or you can use roe (fresh eggs). If not these, then we recommend cut bait, such as a herring that has been pluck cut. You can also use artificial lures, or spinners, which both do good jobs of mimicking the movement of fish. Whatever you use, make sure it’s flashy to attract their attention. This will especially be useful if you are fishing during low lighting conditions.

Having the Right Gear

With fishing, most of your focus should be on your technique, patience, and the quality of your gear. When you are fishing salmon, it is important that your hooks always be sharp. With their thick jaws, salmon won’t be easy to catch if your hooks are dull. Don’t worry if your hooks were passed down and a little worse for wear. All you need to do is purchase a hook sharpener – problem solved.

Fish When it’s Overcast

You know that Sitka is a prime location for salmon fishing – and that Action Alaska Sportfishing is the best fishing charter to reserve when you want to explore the water. With its plethora of baitfish, Sitka’s waters attract salmon May-September, usually rewarding anyone who comes out.

Now that you know that best location, and months, we also recommend going out when it’s overcast, as salmon prefer darker lighting conditions. When it’s overcast, it won’t matter what time of day you go out – you’re sure to have a successful trip.

If the sun is bright and shining on the day that you go fishing, then we recommend choosing a time of day that salmon prefer, such as dawn or dusk. If you don’t choose dawn, dusk, or an overcast day, you can still catch salmon. However, there will be fewer to catch and those around will be traveling much deeper in the water.

Pick a Good Location

Sitka may be good for catching salmon, but you still need to know where to fish. If you follow every instruction to the tee, it won’t mean anything unless you have picked a good spot. When you book a reservation with Action Alaska, your captain, Cody Loomis, will know exactly where to go for a successful outing. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands. He has had experience with charter boats since 1988 when he was a deckhand for his father’s boat.

Additionally, Cody has over 25 years of saltwater fishing experience and it shows when you go on the water with him. His boat, “Kimshan,” is one of a kind and custom-built to his specifications. On Kimshan, the hydraulic downriggers will allow customers to troll the water deeper than any other charter boat in the state. This is an experience you can’t afford to miss.

Contact Action Alaska Sportfishing

Peak season may be May-September, but you will still have a memorable experience any time of the year when booking a reservation with us. We offer the best-personalized sportfishing experience in Alaska. Don’t believe us? Ask one of our repeat customers, which accounts for over 90 percent of our bookings. This should tell you how much customer satisfaction means to our team.

We may be a small operation, but we will always be committed to the highest standard in the sportfishing industry. For Alaska salmon fishing, contact Action Alaska. Call 907.738.7311 to learn more or make a reservation.