A Locals opinion of Capt. Cody and Action Alaska Sportfishing

"I live in Sitka Alaska and as a local I have tried a few different charter outfits. I have friends that have boats that I fish with. I can tell you from experience that is not always easy to find the fish. Which is why I always try to book a trip with Cody and Action Alaska sportfishing. Even if I’ve already been out a few times on my own. The reason for this is Capt. Cody always seems to get you on the fish, if they’re out there he’ll find them. I have fished with Cody for years now, he is very knowledgeable friendly and loves to share the beauty and bounty of Alaska with others. I’ve taken family out with him multiple times, sometimes just my wife and I. One thing that’s consistent is you will have a good time and you’ll have fish in your freezer."
R. Phelps
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The best captain i have ever fished with

"Recently spent 4 days fishing in Alaska and Cody was the captain on the boat for 2 of the days. he is very personable and a great fisherman. when others weren’t getting on the fish he was. he was working without a crewman and covered the baiting running and catching the fish without missing a beat. i’m bring 4 people top Alaska in June JUST to fish with Cody. going to Alaska for salmon and halibut, Cody is the one you want running the boat."
Al Willett


    Alaska Salmon Fishing