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Things to Do in Snowy Sitka

Sitka is a charming city in Alaska that you can visit all year round. Although the winter months can be cold, the conditions here are not as bad as in the northern parts of Alaska. Even with snowfall, there is plenty to do here.


Snowfall in Sitka


When it comes to snowfall, this period last 4 months in Sitka. It starts in late November and ends in late March. January is usually the snowiest month of the year with an average of 2.8 inches of snow.


Although the winters in Alaska can be quite severe, Sitka is located in the southern part of the state with weather similar to the states beneath it. As a result, there are many winter activities that can be enjoyed in Sitka.


Skiing and Snowboarding


If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, there are some mountains that you can enjoy riding down. Traditional ski resorts are not rampant here. So, you may have to ask locals for good spots like Temptation Experience.


There are amazing lines in the backcountry where you can enjoy gorgeous views. It requires some self exploration through hiking, but you will be happy you did it. Bear Mountain is a great spot to visit. You will also enjoy Verstovia Mountain for its breathtaking views.




Go On Tours and Sightseeing


Your hiking boots and snowshoes make it possible to go sightseeing through self exploration. You want to make sure you have the necessary supplies in case the weather takes a turn. There will be days when the weather is mild enough for you to visit trails.


There are also tour companies that have vehicles suitable for snowy terrain. This will allow you to check out the amazing views and wildlife of Sitka all in the comfort of a heated vehicle.


Holiday Festivals


During the winter months, you can also enjoy the festivals and celebrations that are held in Sitka. There is the Landlubber Parade that takes place in December. You can also enjoy the Holiday Fest and Sitka Artisans Market.


At the Holiday Fest, there are Christmas concerts, the Polar Dip, the Christmas Bazaar, and the parade. At the Artisans Market, you can purchase handcrafted items that are made in Alaska.


Tourist Attractions


In the town of Sitka itself, you can enjoy some tourist attractions. These attractions include the Alaska Raptor Center and the Fortress of the Bear. You can also taste the local cuisine and check out some of the boutiques in town.


Fishing in the Winter


Florida is not the only place to go deep-sea fishing. If you do not mind the cold, winter is also a good time to go ice fishing and deep-sea fishing. Fish usually go deeper than usual in the ocean during this time of year. Freshwater areas will most likely be frozen.


If you are from Florida, you can visit Sitka to try ice fishing. You can find trout and salmon in the rivers and lakes. Most people seek out kings in the winter months. Here at Action Alaska Sportfishing, we can help you enjoy fishing in Sitka. Captain Cody has over 30 years of experience. Contact us today for more information.


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