What Are the Best Spots to Go Sportfishing in Sitka Alaska?

What Are the Best Spots to Go Sportfishing in Sitka Alaska?

Are you considering taking a fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska? With more than 30 years of sport and commercial fishing experience in the waters around Sitka, Captain Cody and Action Alaska Sportfishing have the knowledge and skills to put you on some truly monstrous catches. The only things that we can’t control are the weather and if the fish are biting. Luckily, we know all of the prime spots in the area to give you the best chance of catching a whopper no matter what the weather or the fish are doing, and here are just a few of the places we can go to.


Prime Fishing Spots Around Sitka

The waters around Sitka Sound are home to a huge number of excellent fishing spots depending on weather and time of the year. The entire Sound area can be a great spot for salmon trolling if the waters are too rough to head further out. At the western edge of the sound just south of Kruzov Island, you’ll find the Saint Lazaria Islands where halibut are often in abundance.

Weather permitting, you can also head further north out of Sitka Sound into Salisbury Sound or through the Kakul Narrows into Deep Bay and Fish Bay. Alternatively, the waters around the Biorka Islands and Hot Springs Bay south of Sitka can also be prime places to catch king salmon. The truth is that there is really no end to the places to try as the entire area is absolutely teeming with big fish. Luckily for you, we are out on the water pretty much every day of the season, so we always have a good idea of which areas are currently the hottest.


What Kind of Fish Can Expect You Catch?

We primarily target king salmon and halibut on all of our charter trips, and for good reason. The port at Sitka brings in far more king salmon than any other place in Alaska, and it’s not uncommon for people to reel in several 50- to 60-pounders in a single day.

Halibut are also extremely abundant in the area during the summer months. Sitka fishermen have brought in halibut well in excess of 400 pounds, and 100-pound fish are much more common than you’d think.

If the conditions are right, you may also have the chance to catch various species of rockfish as well as lingcod and black sea bass. We also catch other species of salmon depending on the time of the year. While none of these can compare with the thrill of hauling in a monster king or halibut, they are still a blast to catch.

When you choose Action Alaska Sportfishing for your Sitka fishing trip, you can be assured that Captain Cody and his team will do their best to ensure your day is successful. Thanks to our custom hydraulic downriggers, we can fish deeper than any other boat in the state to give you the best possible chance of hooking onto a real trophy catch.