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Here’s Why You Should Choose Action Alaska Sportfishing for Your Sitka Fishing Charter

Alaska is one of those states that everyone has to visit at least once. The beauty it has is unique and like nowhere else in the world. Even those who live in Alaska are always finding new things to do and new adventures to embark on. One experience that is a must, is the Sitka fishing charter we offer here at Action Alaska Sportsfishing. This fishing charter is an experience like no other and it’s one that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you enjoy fishing or just being outside, going out on the open water is a guaranteed good time and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it with Action Alaska Sportsfishing.


Invaluable Fishing Knowledge

No matter how long you have been fishing, there’s always more to learn. Fishing is one of those skills that evolve with time and only gets better as you practice and experience more. Each body of water, type of fish, and equipment needed requires knowing different information. If you have never fished before but have been wanting to try it out, this charter is perfect for you. It doesn’t take previous experience or knowledge to take advantage of this fishing charter. Our experienced team of anglers has got you covered!

In fact, Captain Cody Loomis has over 25 years of guiding and fishing and is more than prepared to help you reel in some of the best King Salmon and Halibut you’ve ever seen.


State of the Art Equipment

If there’s one thing that’s necessary for any successful fishing charter, it’s state-of-the-art equipment. It’s a lot harder to catch fish when you don’t have the right supplies to catch what you’re looking to catch. But that’s no concern when embarking on the Sitka fishing charter with Action Alaska Sportsfishing. Captain Cody Loomis has ensured that the charter is equipped with the best supplies and the best technology so guests have exactly what they need and more. Lined with top-of-the-line fishing equipment, you’ll get everything but a boring fishing experience.  Your fishing rods will either be manufactured by Seeker, G Loomis, or TFO, and you’ll find that the reels are top-notch reels manufactured by either Accurate, Avet, or Shimano.


The “Kimshan”: A Comfortable Fleet Experience

You can rest, or fish at ease knowing that Captain Cody Loomis and his wife Marlie went the extra mile to ensure that your adventure with us is one to remember.  Purchased in Virginia, trucked to Seattle, and shipped to Sitka, the Kimshan has been fully customized to give you a fishing experience like none other. Coming in at over 30ft long and 13ft wide.  Equipped with custom-built hydraulic downriggers that enable Captain Cody to effectively troll much deeper than any other charter boat in the state, you’ll have better chances of catching the fish of your dreams! The entire boat has been stripped down and rebuilt using quality materials and built based on Captain Loomis’ specifications. This extra attention to detail ensures that your trip with us is less bumpy, spacious, and comfortable for everyone.


Book Your Trip Today!

If you are looking to go away for a little bit on a fishing trip, the Sitka charter experience with Action Alaska Sportsfishing is perfect for you. Alaska is a beautiful state with so much to offer and fishing here is no different. Whether you are an experienced fisher, someone simply looking to try something different, or a tourist visiting our beautiful state from afar, a fishing trip is a beautiful addition to any trip! To book your fishing charter today, reach out to us at (907) 738-7311 or email us at