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Why is Alaska Fishing an Excellent Time of Year to Fish During the Winter?

Alaska is known for the harsh winters and unforgiving climate that creates real challenges. The average temperatures range from 0 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit

The wintertime is especially difficult with the changing temperatures and weather conditions impacting outdoor activities. However, the winter does provide some excellent opportunities to catch fish that are hungry.  We look at how the winter gives you the chance to catch different varieties of fish and why this is a good time. 

Winter Fishing

Winter fishing is not for everyone, as you have to want to experience another side of Alaska not seen by tourists. The fish and wildlife change their patterns during the winter, and our tours offer a unique experience for everyone. 

The fish can be harder to catch at certain times but easier if you go to the right habitats and feeding areas. Fish move slower during the winter and don’t have as much energy, which requires changing your approach. 

The best way to fish in the winter is to target specific species and the feeding areas to get the most effective results. 

We can help you find the best areas and know-how get the most from winter fishing. 

Action Alaska can help with your fishing adventure by going to the best places for fishing during this time of year. We have over 30 years of experience and know-how to create a memorable experience for you. 


Halibut is common to see on any fishing tour during the winter, even though lots of fish migrate further south. We usually find halibut in the process of looking for other fish and their feeding areas. Halibut is an excellent winter fish to catch and is a favorite of tourists and locals. 

Another option is to take a winter tour to see scenic spots and different fish. Our tours give you the Alaska experience most people don’t see with the winter, and changing wildlife. Alaska is something special in the winter and seeing it in person brings out our natural wonders.   

We recommend taking a fishing or sightseeing tour to see the different fish and the rugged landscape.

Action Alaska does winter tours that take you to the best fishing and sightseeing areas. We can show you a different side of Alaska that you see on TV. Alaska is a different landscape during the winter, and our tours bring this out. 


Salmon is some of the most popular in Alaska, with five varieties statewide. The most active and sought after during the winter is King Salmon. 

Unlike other salmon, King Salmon is actively feeding from as far south as the Pacific Northwest. These fish are becoming fatter as they move towards the rivers to spawn and mate. The winter season is when these fish are a real treat and give you an excellent catch. 

We recommend going on this tour to see or catch King Salmon and enjoy the adventure. Alaska is where different ecosystems and wildlife congregate and we can capture this for you. 

Action Alaska offers a variety of sport fishing throughout the year, and we will help you to have the most fun. Our tours are some of the best and most popular in Alaska because of the experience. No one knows more about what Alaska has to offer than us, and we can show you the best areas. 

The Best Areas

The wintertime offers numerous areas that are fully stocked, with some great fishing for this time of year. The Fairbanks Delta is one the most fruitful, with an assortment of fish you can catch. Some of the most popular include trout, Arctic char, and many varieties of salmon (such as King and silver). 

The wintertime is one of the best times of the year for Alaska fishing and we recommend seeing things for yourself. Winter is special and you can see the true natural beauty of what Alaska has to offer without the tourists. 

Action Alaska is your premier Alaska fishing charter to give you the most out of your wintertime experience. We know the best places and how to fish most effectively in the winter. You will see something that tourists only watch on TV and never know the hidden secrets of Alaska. 

We are the Best

The winter is the best time for fishing for different species and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Call Action Alaska today at 907-738-7311 and see why we are number one in charter fishing. 

You will have a memorable experience, and we are located in Sitka, near the Rocky Gutierrez Airport.